First Post

Post number one.

This liquid you see dribbling down my chin? It’s kool-aid. Tastes good actually, kinda like grape with top notes of irony and fear.

So yeah, a writer website aka the platform aka the brand aka that thing that every writer must have if she/he/they dare dream the dream.

To sound half way writerly, I must provide y’all with a quote right?

I give you Barbara Kingsolver’s call to writer action that goes, “if you hope to add some original stone to the cathedral of books in print, it will have to come from your unique position in the universe.”

To that I answer, “Barbara—you with your awesome author name—I hear you, Barbara. Here is my website, my little spot in cyberspace for which I will pay five dollars every month for hosting, and for which I have enlisted my husband for tech support in exchange for chocolates and exemption from household chores. Here is where I will start, Barbara, with posts about my take on life, love, books, people and everything in the interstices (<–obligatory fancy word); posts that I will try to keep funny and relatable and mostly grammatically correct.”

“Yes, Barbara, this humble website is where I will draw the X that will mark my unique position in the universe while I work on that original stone that I will add to the cathedral of books in print. What say you, Barbara?”

I imagine Barbara Kingsolver smiling at me, reaching out a hand to wipe away the grape kool-aid from my chin, as she says-



  • Cyn

    Cecilia- you’ve done a beautiful job on your website/blog. Now I want to re-do mine! Love the name, as well. A word I hadn’t heard until now.

    Good luck on your (hero’s) writer’s journey!

  • Cecilia Ortiz Luna

    Hey Lennon! Good to hear that you like the name. I’m excited to finally be able to show this baby to you guys. Thanks for the visit.

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